BDU Uniforms


Cartel Uniforms – will be civilian/mixed camo (Non matching uniform so the top doesn’t match the bottom)

JIATF – will be matching tunic/pants (JIATF-N player can wear multi-cam, woodland, Fleck-tarn, any solid colours, camo type from any era or army or whatever uniform as long as it matches top and bottom).
Headwear: Ball cap, boonie, helmet, balaclava’s, head wraps etc. must all be matching the BDUs uniform.

Additional clothing,

Footwear: Boots with ankle support HIGHLY RECOMMENDED due to rough terrain.

Kit: Any variation or webbing, belt rig, chest rig or armour carrier etc.

Weapons: No restrictions on weapon types used. Only designated LMG’s may use full auto. Everything else is SEMI only.


  • Kill Rag (Any brightly coloured cloth recommended or barrel sock)
  • Water/Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray / After Bite