BDU Uniforms

NOTE! Division Agents and Rikers are standard teams with standard missions.

SCAVENGERS are for advanced players who understand that they do not have standard objectives nor a high life expectancy!

Headwear: Ball cap, boonie, helmet, balaclava’s, head wraps etc.
Uniform: Any solid colours, camo type from any era or army
Footwear: Boots with ankle support HIGHLY RECOMMENDED due to rough terrain.
Kit: Any variation or webbing, belt rig, chest rig or armour carrier etc.
Weapons: No restrictions on weapon types used. Only designated LMG’s may use full auto. Everything else is SEMI only.


  • Kill Rag (Any brightly coloured cloth recommended or barrel sock)
  • Water/Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray / After Bite

Teams will be sorted by ARM BANDS to remove the need for specific colours on gear and clothing. This allows anyone to choose a team regardless of weapons and clothing owned.