Operation: Valour 2024 Cartel Wars
In support of Valour Park Association

Date: September 14th 2024

51512 Range Rd 22, Parkland County, AB T7Y 2H9

Master Document

Ver. 2024 07 05.1


0800h – Gates Open / Check-In / Chronograph

0920h – Game/Rules Brief by Scenario Director

0935h – Advance parties deploy to field / Main forces deploy to spawns

1000h – Game start

1700h – Game end

1730h – Endex / Raffle

=====GAME RULES=====



Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Read ALL of the rules and obey them at all times. Any player found conducting themselves in a manner  that a reasonable person would deem unsafe will be subject to correction and sanction based on the severity of the incident. If you’re in doubt as to whether an action is unsafe, always ask any of the Referees. Obey their decisions, and any further objections should be brought up to Admins.

OP VALOUR Referees and Admins will inspect all items used on the field and their decision is final. Players caught with items taken on the field without inspection are in violation of safety. All airsoft guns are tested and tagged prior to gameplay and are subject to spot-checks at the staffs discretion.


Chronograph checks (.30g) shall be performed on all weapons before field entry. Bring an empty magazine to the chronograph station for certification and tagging.

Semi/Full Auto Weapons – MAX 1.64J // MAX 25RPS

Bolt-Action Rifles – MAX 2.28J

There are no ammo limits.


ANSI Z87.1 (or better) EYE PROTECTION must be worn at all times in the field. Players 10 to 17 MUST wear full face protection. Do not remove face/eye protection for any reason. Ask any Referee or Admin for assistance if required. Wire, mesh, shop, and ski goggles are not permitted.


Players are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, responsible and respectful manner both on and off the field. Threatening language and verbal threats, slurs against race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Players will display respect for all others as well as the gear, equipment, props and property of other players and OP VALOUR staff with utmost care and regard. Acts of vandalism will be prosecuted.


Physically abusive or threatening behavior of any nature is strictly prohibited. Violations will be addressed accordingly.

Players are not permitted to make physical contact with another player unless signifying a melee kill (e.g. a light shoulder tap).


Cheating and intentional rule violations will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the game and/or a ban from all future events.

To report someone for cheating or rule violations, report the individual immediately to an OP VALOUR Referee. Do not confront the player directly during a game.

Ensure you can positively identify the individual. Give the Referee or Admin as much detail as possible, or don your kill rag and stay in visual contact with the individual.

Players observed cheating by an Admin or Referee may be ejected from the game on the spot.


Be courteous! Limit yourself to center mass, gear, or lower limbs when engaging at close range. The “MERCY RULE” is a courtesy.

 * Players will NOT use sniper / bolt action rifles at distances less than 50ft.

* No full-auto fire at distances less than 50ft.


Ricochets do not count from guns.

You begin as a LIVE player. Being struck by an airsoft BB anywhere on your person or gear is a HIT. You are DOWN; take a knee or lay prone, and can only call “MEDIC.” You can be dragged/carried by another player as long as it does not interfere with your eye/face protection.

You may be revived by any player by having a “bandage” tied onto your left arm and you are now WOUNDED. Play as normal. The bandage must stay on until you return to spawn. If you are HIT while WOUNDED, you are DOWN AGAIN and must be revived by any player tying a bandage on your right arm. You are now considered CRITICAL and may play as normal. If you are HIT while CRITICAL, you are DEAD and and must return to spawn.

Simple Breakdown of Hit Rules

               1. LIVE – hasn’t been hit, everything is good!

               2. DOWN – you’ve been hit! Call for buddy help!

               3. WOUNDED – you are wearing a bandage and can play as normal!

               4. DOWN AGAIN – you’re hit! Call for buddy help again!

               5. CRITICAL – you are wearing two bandages and can play as normal!

               6. DEAD – you’re hit while wearing two bandages and are DEAD! Return to spawn.

DOWN or DEAD players may not speak regarding strategic or tactical details until they have respawned or have been revived.

DOWN or DEAD players cannot be used as cover.

Do not pretend to be a DEAD player when you are not dead.

If your weapon in your hand is struck, it is disabled for ONE minute. If your holstered or slung weapon is struck, that is a HIT and you are DOWN or DEAD.

You may consider yourself DEAD at any time.

If you are hit by a melee attack, you are instantly DEAD, regardless if you are a LIVE player, DOWN player, or WOUNDED player.


Blind firing is defined as firing without identifying what you are shooting at first. Blind firing includes, but is not limited to, firing around corners without aiming, or ducking under a window while firing through it.

Blind firing is a severe safety violation.

Shooting through a crack or hole (in a building or prop structure) smaller than a clenched fist is not allowed.


Spawn camping is defined as a player or players who take up shooting positions outside respawn points for the sole purpose of shooting players as they return to the game. Obviously, don’t do this.


All frequencies used are FRS frequencies, please ensure you have radios that are programmed with FRS 1-14. Channels 1 and 2 are restricted from player use and shall not be monitored by players.

Passive surveillance on enemy channels is permitted.

Jamming frequencies is not permitted.


YELLOW – Airstrike only. Issued and used by Admins and Referees. Players may NOT bring their own YELLOW smoke.

BLACK – Prevents a vehicle from passing through.

All other colours permitted.

Players who are within 30ft of an active yellow smoke grenade are considered HIT.


OP VALOUR vehicles are used as part ofthe game scenario and are not affiliated with any one team. DO NOT throw grenades or fire RPGs at the vehicles as all vehicles are considered armoured. These vehicles are privately owned and add to the game play, please be courteous.

DO NOT LAY IN ROAD WAYS. Some vehicles have limited vision, if you hear a vehicle, clear the road! Vehicles have the right of way!

Players may not enter or climb on vehicles!


No player can carry more than ONE scenario item at a time. If you are DOWN or DEAD, place the item visibly on the ground next to you. If you are leaving the play area, return the item to OP VALOUR staff.


Homemade pyrotechnics

Taginn M67s

Weapons exceeding chronograph limits




UNIFORMMixed paramilitary/civilian patterns highly encouraged! Be the bad guys!

MAIN OBJECTIVE – Support the rogue CIA agent through the transfer and sale of illegal narcotics.

               – Bring “DRUGS” from your MAIN BASE through a Border Control Point (BCP) to the Rogue CIA Agent located in BLUE territory. (10 points per exchange)

               – Bring “MONEY” obtained from the Rogue CIA Agent to your MAIN BASE. (does not have to pass through a BCP) (5 points per item)

SUB-OBJECTIVE – Condition the battlefield to support your main objective.

               – Capture the roaming radio truck to detect incoming airstrikes.

               – Construct a FOB in BLUE TERRITORY.

               – Destroy the JIATF-N FOB in CARTEL TERRITORY.

               – Respond to all emerging side objectives as they appear.


Rules of Engagement – CARTEL players are free to engage any targets.

Detainment – If a JIATF-N player places their hand on your shoulder, clasp your hands together in front of you. You are detained and “restrained” as long as they are in contact with you. You must answer questions truthfully while detained (this simulates searching, so you cannot hide anything on your person)

Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (North)

UNIFORMProfessional/matching patterns highly encouraged! Be the good guys! Identifying armbands will be provided for JIATF-N players.

MAIN OBJECTIVE – Intercept and confiscate illegal narcotics.

               – Prevent the CARTEL from delivering “DRUGS” to the Rogue CIA Agent by seizing and bringing the “DRUGS” to your MAIN BASE. (10 points per capture)

               – Prevent the CARTEL from returning “MONEY” to their MAIN BASE by seizing and bringing the “MONEY” to your MAIN BASE. (5 points per capture)

SUB-OBJECTIVE – Condition the battlefield to support your main objective.

               – Capture the roaming radio truck to detect incoming airstrikes.

               – Construct a FOB in CARTEL TERRITORY.

               – Destroy the CARTEL FOB in BLUE TERRITORY.

               – Respond to all emerging side objectives as they appear.


Rules of Engagement – Do not engage unarmed targets. You may detain a target by placing your hand on their shoulder. Any CARTEL member carrying “drugs” or “money” who refuses to stop can be engaged. You can search only by asking questions (the CARTEL cannot lie under detainment.) ​

Command – Obey JIATF-N commander AT ALL TIMES.

Rogue CIA Agent

The Rogue CIA Agent (CIA) is an OP VALOUR Staff Member. Several key scenario rules exist regarding the CIA:

               1. The CIA can only carry one item of “DRUGS” or “MONEY” at a time. Anything in the possession of the CIA is out of play.

               2. The CIA has direct authority over JIATF-N through “higher echelon”. He cannot issue orders locally, but can communicate orders to JIATF-N Commander. (If JIATF is camping the CIA, they’ll get sudden orders to go elsewhere.)

               3. The CIA can temporarily delay airstrikes on his location.

               4. The CIA is not subject to hit rules and must not be shot. Anyone caught doing so will lose points for their team.



A live player may only carry one scenario item at a time. (e.g. “MONEY” or “DRUGS”)

Do not throw any scenario items.

If you are HIT while carrying a scenario item, you must place it on the ground in a visible location. (Do not try to hide it.)

Forward Operating Bases (FOBs)

To establish a FOB, place the issued main flagstaff at a point in the ground and raise your flag. Walk 35m back towards your MAIN BASE and place the short “SPAWN” sign in the ground in a location visible to the flagstaff.

While the flag on the main flagstaff is raised, you may spawn at the short SPAWN sign. You may spawn only at your own FOB.

To destroy the FOB, lower the flag on the main flagstaff or knock the flagstaff down.

The FOB may not be moved by anyone except OP VALOUR staff.

A FOB must be placed a minimum of 150m away from the enemy MAIN BASE and any BCP.

Radio Truck

The Radio Truck may be captured by raising your flag on its flagstaff. When held, it provides a five minute warning to your team commander when the enemy requests an airstrike on a position. The truck may be stopped by a black smoke grenade thrown in its path.

Do not approach or attempt to touch the vehicle while it is in motion.

Border Control Points (BCPs)

The border between BLUE TERRITORY and CARTEL TERRITORY is porous to all players; however, “DRUGS” must be tagged by passing through a BCP before being accepted by the CIA. “MONEY” does not have to pass through a BCP.


Return “MONEY” and “DRUGS” to your MAIN BASE

Drugs (10 points each) Money (5 points each)

Server Hack/Intelligence Collection

Somewhere near the enemy MAIN BASE, there is a server building filled with “DATA.” Retrieve the “DATA” and return it to your MAIN BASE. (40 points)

Commander Assassination

Make the enemy team commander DEAD at least once. (30 points)

Crashed Cargo

A heavy objective is lost in hostile territory. Secure it and return it to your MAIN BASE. (50 points)

And Mystery Objectives