Op Valour VIII
In support of Veterans Voices of Canada
Date: September 11th 2021
Location: 51512 Range Rd 22, Parkland County, AB T7Y 2H9 TORE
Time: 0800 check-in
Game 1000 – 1800 (Catered due to COVID will be available 1200 hrs until 1500 hrs) and Drinks (all game) on site.

– Reference Frontline Milsim TACSOP for general game rules:

The following exceptions have been made for OP Valour:
– 1.64j for All Weapons EXCEPT Bolt Action Rifles
– 2.28j for Bolt Action Rifles ONLY
– All chronoing will be measured using .30g BBs (Please bring an empty magazine when chronoing)

More information to follow

RED – Used by admin for marking purposes
– ALL OTHER COLOURS – Concealment
– Players can use any colour of smoke during the duration of the game EXCEPT RED.
There will be no “gas attacks or traps” this year.

Vehicles (More in formation to follow)

This year there are no medics.
Once you are shot you MUST drop to the ground and wait a 5 minute bleed out time.
During this time, you are considered “Lootable” Any items in your “Backpack” can be taken by other players. Any game props you are carrying MUST be left where you died and can be picked up by others or yourself once your bleed time has completed.
Items MUST be stored in your backpack.
Items may be traded between players at any time except when you are not in play (waiting to respawn)
You may only carry items in your backpack

Certain props will be a 2 man carry, these will be marked as such. You may only wield a pistol while carrying such an item.
Each player will be given a “Backpack”. Each pack has a weight limit and the number of items stored inside cannot exceed this limit. Items may be placed into containers to trade weights if needed but NOT dropped on the ground.

– There are no ammo limits.
– No weapons restrictions (faction/era specific etc).
– No grenade limits.
– No mandatory packing/kit list
– All weapons will be limited to SEMI AUTO ONLY. Full auto is allowed if you are running an LMG or designated machine gun. Players designated to use full auto will do so with courtesy and respect.
Players may NOT use fireworks, bangers including homemade bangers, pyro or anything modified beyond its original manufactured design. This includes adding BB’s to Thunder B/V products!
If you are unsure, consult an an admin at the chrono table.
Be aware, Admins may be using products you are not familiar with including blanks, airborne flares/bangers, oversized smoke and pyrotechnic devices.
Safety is of utmost importance. If anyone is found violating the rules, they will be removed from the game and sent home.