Operation: Valour 2024 Cartel Wars
In support of Valour Park Association

Date: September 14th 2024

51512 Range Rd 22, Parkland County, AB T7Y 2H9

0800 Check In, Chrono and Admin

0930 Briefing and team deploy (NOTE; briefing and game start is flexible by +30mins)

1000 Objective based game play until 1700hrs

1730 Endex and raffle draws.

RULES To Be Updated Shortly

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. It is presumed AND the players responsibility that you have read and understood ALL the rules before playing. Ultimately the only person responsible for your safety is YOU. Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in appropriate disciplinary action, such as dismissal from the game or premises without refund, exclusion from future events, or even banning from all sponsored events. OP VALOUR Referees and admin will inspect all items used on the field and their decision is final. Players caught with items taken on the field without inspection will be dealt within accordance to the law and game admins. Cheating will not be tolerated nor safety jeopardized.

– 1.64j for All Weapons EXCEPT Bolt Action Rifles 420fps maximum.
– 2.28j for Bolt Action Rifles ONLY
– All chronoing will be measured using .30g BBs (Please bring an empty magazine when chronoing), All airsoft guns are tested and tagged prior to gameplay and are subject to SPOT-CHECKs at the staffs discretion. 

FACE/EYE PROTECTION must be worn at all times in the field. In the event of fogging, call yourself out, indicate your situation to other players and exit to the safe area or nearest referee. Be sure to notify Staff regarding your situation so you can get re-admitted into the game. All players must wear approves full seal eye protection, ANSI Z87.1 rating or better, with retention straps. Players aged 10 – 17 are required to wear FULL FACE protection. We encourage players to use additional head protection, such as balaclavas, full face masks and mouth guards to help minimize potential injuries. The level of protection is up to you, but being aware players have in the past lost teeth even from low velocity weapons. If you decide to rest or take a break while on the field, your eye protection must stay on. The only time you are permitted to remove your eye protection is when you are in the marked SAFE AREAS.


Players are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, responsible and respectful manner both on and off the field. Threatening language and verbal threats, slurs against race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender will not be tolerated under any circumstances. However, we recognize that some verbal angst and banter is to be expected during game play – please conduct yourself accordingly. (Apply common sense)
Players will display mutual respect and treat the gear, equipment, props and property of other players and OP VALOUR staff with utmost care and regard. Acts of vandalism will not be tolerated. All damages are the responsibility of the vandal.

Physical or verbally abusive or threatening behavior of any nature is strictly prohibited and is grounds from immediate dismissal and potential banning from the game.
Players are not permitted to make physical contact with another player. Unless signifying a melee kill. Cheating and intentional rule violations will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the game and/or a ban from all future events.
To report someone for cheating or rule violations, report the individual immediately to an OP VALOUR referee. Under no circumstances should you confront the player directly during a game. You should always notify an official and allow them to take the appropriate action. When reporting a player, please ensure you can positively identify the individual. Please give the admin as much detail as possible, what they are wearing, what gun they are using, what they look like.
Players observed cheating by an admin may be ejected from the game on the spot.

You can engage players at close range please be courteous, no one wants to take a BB to the cheek, throat or groin from one foot away so aim for center mass, legs, feet, arms gear. Mercy kills can only occur with loaded weapons. 10′ closer players should avoid firing and go for the touch kill; this is not always possible so common sense will prevail. The “MERCY RULE” is a courtesy but not enforced.
 * Players will not use sniper / bolt action rifles in CQB situations. (20Ft min. engagement)
* SAW’s and other full-auto weapons may engage targets outside of a secured building, as long as the barrel passes the threshold of the window, door, or opening.

Players that are “dead” may not speak regarding strategic/ tactical details until they have respawned or have been revived.
Under no circumstances are “dead” players to be used as cover by “live” players.
*Dead men tell no tales! Dead players may not speak to live players to relay information.
Anyone caught pretending to be a dead player to sneak up on other live players will be removed from the field.

Weapon hits: If the gun you have in your hands gets hit by a BB, or knife, it is immediately disabled & you can no longer use that gun until the time period of a hit has expired or until you respawn. When your gun is hit you must call out “Gun hit!” and stop shooting it immediately. You can either switch to your secondary, a knife or you can call yourself out. Once your gun is disabled it is now a part of your gear and if it is hit again it counts as a kill shot. If no side arms are available it counts as a kill.

Blind firing is defined as firing without identifying what you are shooting at first. Blind firing includes, but is not limited to, firing around corners without aiming, or ducking under a window while firing through it.
Blind firing is a severe safety violation. Any player caught blind firing will be issued an infraction.
Shooting through a crack or hole (in a building or prop structure) smaller than a clenched fist is not allowed. In addition, you must be able to form a proper sight picture to shoot through a crack or hole.
BB’s shot from a legal position, passing through a small crack or hole and striking a player will count as a “hit”.

Spawn camping is defined as a player or players who take up shooting positions outside respawn points for the sole purpose of shooting players as they return to the game. Players should avoid this as best as possible to allow a fair fight. Referees may use their discretion to call violating players dead or ejected if it is a repeat offence.

All frequencies used are FRS frequencies, please ensure you have radios that are programmed with FRS 1-14. Channels are issued on the day on your player cards.

– YELLOW – Chemical Smoke Only. Issued and used by Admins. Players may NOT bring their own YELLOW smoke.
– ALL OTHER COLOURS – Concealment
– Players can use any colour of smoke during the duration of the game, only ISSUED yellow smokes may be used as part of a game mission.

-Players who are caught in YELLOW smoke are considered infected and can only shoot OFFHAND. This means if you normally fire your gun with your right hand, you may now ONLY use your left hand. This effect is removed by a medic or when respawning at your main base.

Vehicles are used as a roaming patrol throughout the game scenario and are not affiliated with any one team. They will engage any player in the field from any faction without warning. If you see the patrolling vehicles (ALWAYS led by a Haglund tracked vehicle) retreat and find cover.

Knocking out the lead vehicle (Hagglunds BV206 with minigun) with yellow smoke is the only way to stop the convoy. Vehicles CAN NOT pass through YELLOW smoke, if the convoy stops they will NOT fire for the duration of the smoke and can be “looted”.

DO NOT throw grenades or fire RPGs at the vehicles as all vehicles are considered armoured. These vehicles are privately owned and add to the game play, please be courteous.

DO NOT LAY IN ROAD WAYS. Some vehicles have limited vision, if you hear a vehicle, clear the road! Vehicles have the right of way!

Players may not enter or climb on vehicles!

Limited team medics are in play this year and will be issued a medic pack containing items used to heal or revive players. The Outcast team do NOT have medics.

Once you are shot you MUST drop to the floor and wait a 3 minute bleed out time.

During this time, you are considered downed and an enemy player can remove ONE of your teams tags and turn it in for points.

  • It is recommended that you wear a watch to ensure fairness when counting to 3minutes.
  • During this time your teams medic can use a bandage to revive you.
  • If you are downed again you must respawn at your main base.
  • When you respawn at your main base, remove the bandage so your medics can restock.


-Each team only has ONE main spawn point. Use your medics wisely to fight for extended periods in far away areas.

-If you loot a biohazard bag for items, or cross into a WHITE TAPED Biohazard area, you are now INFECTED and must adhere to the offhand shooting rule explained in the ‘smoke’ section.

-Only items in the field marked with your teams logo can be looted. Keep the game fair and do not touch other teams items!

-DO NOT MOVE ITEMS! Unless you are told to take something somewhere, leave objects where they are!

– There are no ammo limits.
– No weapons restrictions (faction/era specific etc).
– No grenade limits. (Except smoke colour limitations)
– No mandatory packing/kit list
– All weaponry will be limited to SEMI AUTO ONLY. Full auto is allowed if you are running an LMG or designated machine gun. Players designated to use full auto will do so with courtesy and respect. (burst fire, max 2 seconds)

Players may NOT use fireworks, bangers or anything that is modified beyond its original design. This includes adding BB’s to Thunder B/V products!

If you are unsure, consult the game organiser.

Be aware, Admins may be using products you are not familiar with including blanks, airborne flares/bangers, oversized smoke and pyrotechnic devices.

Safety is of upmost importance. If anyone is found violating the rules, they will be removed from the game and sent home.